Trayor A. North Dakota

World Pollution

This letter is about ways the President could help solve some problems related to pollution.

Dear Future President,

I am really concerned about the problems of pollution going on in the world. One problem is the O-zone layer and how it is affected by humans. Another is the way we treat Mother Earth. I would greatly appreciate if you would try your best to solve some of the problems I am about to present.

The first problem is that I would like to know why there are always dirty streets. Almost everywhere I look, I see trash in the ditches by the road. One way we could change this is strengthening the law against littering. Another is to make more days (like Earth Day) to help clean the streets. Maybe you could make it a yearlong event.

The second problem is that most people don’t seem to care about the O-zone layer. The O-zone layer protects us from the sun’s harmful rays. Without it, there would not be life on Earth because of the intense heat. A way we can decrease the harm to it is that we could reduce manufacturing and things that harm it. Greenhouse gases are very harmful to the O-zone layer and it needs to stop.

The Earth could be a healthier place and environment for everyone if these horrible problems are solved. We as inhabitants of the Earth could help each other with this and could maybe create peace among some people that are currently enemies. I want a better Earth for everyone! I also want the life on Earth to last longer. Please do what you can (if possible)!


Trayor Allery

Turtle Mountain Teen Art & Writing Workshop Reunion

Turtle Mountain Art and Writers Workshop

This is the Reunion of the Turtle Mountain Art and Writers Workshop. Here are the letters that they wrote and submitted in October of 2016

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