Trent North Dakota

Air Conditions in schools

We need Air Condition in schools.

Dear Mr. President,

Schools all around the United States don’t have air conditioners. Many students are still working in hot air. The students’ are over heating in the hot air.

Schools are getting out early because it is too hot. Kids cannot learn when the class room is hot. Kids can have a heat-stroke because their body temperature can go up to high. Research shows that it is too hot for kids to stay in a classroom when it is too hot.

In 2016 we will have more students in our classroom, so when you build another school put air conditioner in every classroom. In the winter the schools have heating and in the spring when it is to hot, we don’t have air conditioner.

Mr. President, I really hope you will do something about putting air conditioner in all schools. Students across the world would love to have air conditioning to, but no schools really have air conditioning.

Yours truly,