Kenneth E. Minnesota

Public Opinion on Policies Through the Media

In this letter to you, Mr. Trump, I will be bringing up my concern of public opinion on your policies and overall views of the right side of the spectrum. I will also bring up a few specific instances which I'm sure you have heard about.

I love many of the policies and plans that you have for this great nation but I am afraid that the left and it's media will, as it already has, distort your plans and policies for the future to make this the better place we know it needs to be. They hate the fact that we're not accepting of everything and are very hypocritical in how they act. There is rioting in the streets and Trump supporters being beaten up because they backed you. They claim that the election was rigged, set against Hillary and find any possible excuse to put you in a bad light. I feel as if we need to put a message out that can not be interpreted in any sort of way other than it was said. Make it clear that what is said is the intention. Putting a watermark over speeches is a start that came to my mind right away.

We also need to do our best to protect those who are being oppressed by those who do not accept the outcome of the election. A proposal for a neighborhood watch kind of program is a start but I don't see it to be practical. There was a video going around recently of a man in a busy intersection of road being beat up by a group of African Hillary supporters (or at least presumably Hillary supporters). They beat this man to the ground for supporting you, which can easily be heard as they say "He voted Trump" as they continue to beat him. We need to protect these kinds of people, the people who "revolted", as some may call it, peacefully in the polls on November 8th. The aggressors are people who need to be stopped not only for their crimes but for not getting covered in the media. The left and it's supporters need to be shown to the entire public for who they are. They are nothing but hypocrites and liars who are too foolish to even notice or acknowledge their own hate.

Mr. Trump I ask that these issues be brought to your attention and be addressed. It is my belief that the radical left must be shown as the evil that it is, both in its supporters and in its everyday actions. They desire for a paradise that is not practical in any sense. They act like children who don't get their way; crying at the Hillary HQ in New York, rioting in the streets, beating up the right and wanting to run away from this nation because of their fear of opinions that are not theirs nor are represented correctly. I hope that your upcoming presidency is one full of success, both for yourself and for working Americans throughout this great nation. God bless you sir.

Prior Lake High School

American Government-PLHS

Mr. Hartman

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