August H. Minnesota

Police Brutality

Police brutality is an outrageous act and needs to be stopped

Dear Future President,

Police brutality is an outrageous act and should banished as much as possible with severe consequences. Our kids should not have to live in fear.

In the past few years, police brutality has increased and become more and more severe. Harming citizens in our society because of non-threatening acts needs to be abolished. Body cameras are a great option to help reduce the amount of police brutality acts in America. Equipping our law enforcement with body cameras and audio recording will give better perspective of both sides of the situation.( Body Cameras-Journalist's Resource.) In some states that adopted the usage of body cameras, officers who did not wear body cameras conducted more “stop-and-frisks” and made more arrests than officers who wore the video cameras. Officers who did not wear cameras performed 9.8% more stop-and-frisks and made 6.9% more arrests. (Carter "Melvin Carter on Philando, Protests and Police)

Ilya Somin states “The more racist and unaccountable you believe the police are, the more you should want to limit the number of situations where they can inflict that abusive and racist behavior on civilians.” Racist police do exist in our communities and limiting the number of situations where they can inflict abuse needs to be more strictly enforced. Even if there is one police officer on the force that is racist they can still very well have the potential to take a human's life. Often our cops are suitable for the job through training. There will always be someone out there who is not mentally fit for the job and they can hold the differences between our future.( Police Brutality And Accountability In The United States.-eBookDB-Download)

Last year I was sickened to see that a fellow student of mine was forced to the ground with a knee in his back and pepper sprayed in the eyes, even though he was fully cooperating. Acts like these need to be punished and have severe consequences. With more discipline and consequences for cops they will be more scared to use excessive force. This will help end riots that could potentially allow severe injuries to occur in our people and our police.

There are many solutions to this problem but we will never know the actual impact until we attempt it. Body cams, dash cams, and police consequences are essential in order to progress and solve the police brutality problem. Police brutality is a huge problem in our community and needs to eliminated. H. Jackson Brown, Jr. once said “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” today is the day we need to act, today is the day we need to change our community for the better.


August Hermanson