Isaiah Minnesota

Garbage Polluting Ocean

Garbage in the ocean hurting animals and humans.

Dear Next President,

Garbage is roaming the ocean and affecting the environment. To fix this problem, we need to continuously clean the ocean of debris. What happens when we leave the garbage floating around is, ocean animals and even humans are getting hurt as a result of the garbage.

Animals are dying from ocean garbage and I feel as if something needs to be done to clean it. So, how do we know this? Well, as stated in the article “Trash pollution” by Ocean Health Index, “Seabirds, turtles, marine mammals and fish can mistake floating trash for food.” This means that innocent, hungry animals are mistakenly eating our lazily disposed trash as food. Resulting them to choke and die or have their digestive systems blocked, which sadly also leads to death. This needs to be dealt with before too many animals die and the ecosystem is scrambled.

Sea creatures are not the only animals affected by trash in the ocean, humans are too which draws the line there. The article “Trash Pollution” by Ocean Health Index (as stated earlier) says “Ingestion of plastic trash and the consequent uptake of toxins absorbed on it surface can transfer harmful chemicals through the food web into species eaten by humans.” This is stating that the trash in the ocean gives off chemicals that is absorbed by the fish. When This happens, the fish that are caught could get served to people, from those fish the chemicals they consumed can get transferred to humans. The reason this should be fixed is so we don't have to worry about things cancers and diseases hurting us or our families.

So, next president, don't ignore the fact that animals and even humans are being affected by trash roaming the ocean. So what needs to be done? I feel that you need to continuously fund ocean clean up projects every year until most of the garbage has been disposed of for it to be safe for animals and humans. So please next president, take action and save many of us and our beloved animals.



Grade 10

St. paul, MN