Cooper Y. Minnesota

Help with Student Loans

Greetings Trump, Today I would like to share with you one of the most important issues in my opinion that I would like to see fixed. That problem is the ever growing debt that students in this decade are accumulating. It has been proved over and over that the cost of tuition is rising quickly as the years go by and the salaries that a lot of middle class families are under cannot support that. We need a system that will stabilize these tuition growths. What is happening today is people all around the country are coming out of college with an insurmountable amount of debt that they then have hang over their heads the rest of their natural lives. I don't think I need to point out why this takes away a lot of opportunities for those people, after all nothing in the US is free. Even worse these huge tuition costs are enough for a lot of people to simply end their educations following high school or even before. This is not the formula for the successful nation we like to think of ourselves. Knowledge is power, educate more of your population to a higher degree and you will see a higher degree of performance. Simple as that. Regards,

Cooper Youngs

Prior Lake High School

American Government-PLHS

Mr. Hartman

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