KyLee L. Minnesota


Abortion should stay legal.

Dear Mr. Trump

As many know abortion makes many women and men uncomfortable to talk about. But as many people know it's more of a woman's right to chose what happens to them. As a woman we should have the choice to decide whether or not to have a kid. Many people say " if you do not want a kid, don't be sexually active ". Many women don't have a choice whether they become pregnant or not. Yes there are many other alternatives like adoption. 

Many women at all ages are subjected to rape and become pregnant. If abortion becomes illegal women will not be able to feel safe from something that could destroy her life. Women need to be able to make this choice for themselves. Taking away a women's basic right is illegal. Many women won't have an escape route. And many women will live with a burden that they could no longer get away from if abortion is illegal. 

Sincerely, your concerned Prior Lake High School student 

KyLee Lundell