Molly B. Colorado

Cost of Living vs. Wages

My family has a difficult time earning a living and paying bills

Dear Next President,

I am a teen in living in the West.  The number of people moving west continues to grow and I can see my parents struggling with rising housing costs and living on their wages.  My parents are hardworking adults and they have respectable jobs; however, they continue to struggle with finances due to the influx of people.  For example, we want to buy a house, but the prices are so high, they could never afford the mortgage or even the down payment.  Also, the cost of medical insurance prevents our family from being able to take vacations or do things as a family.  My mom's job doesn't provide insurance and she has to pay out of pocket, leaving us with little spending money.

Mr. Next President, how can you address this issue in the future?  I look forward to seeing solutions so my family can enjoy our country and all it has to offer.


Molly Brown

Clear Creek High School

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