Kailie T. Colorado

Vaccines beneficial or harmful?

All over the world vaccines are required to get into schools and get certain jobs. The question is do we really need these vaccinations? Are they hurting us or helping us?

Dear Madame/Mr.President:

I believe one of the issues in this country is the requirement for vaccinations because these vaccinations have more risks of side effects then they do solutions for viruses. This is important because a lot of people around the world get vaccinations.A percentage of these people don’t get them because they want to, they get them because they have to. If people don’t get the vaccinations they can’t go to school.

Vaccinations have side effects, they are ingredients being put into your body. Obviously not everyone gets them, but you could be the next person to get these side effects just because you are required to get these vaccines. For the people who don’t want these vaccines or just don’t feel the need to get them shouldn’t be forced to. For the people who want to get these vaccines and feel like they can benefit from it should get them.

Some people have said that viruses can be fought off without vaccinations. Studies have shown that there have been people who have had seizures or have died from vaccinations. Some side effects from these vaccines caused children to have ADHD, autistic, and diabetes.Vaccines like tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis have caused comas, lowered consciousness, and permanent brain damage. The first who started the requirements to have vaccines to go to school was James Madison in Massachusetts. After this happened 29 states made the requirement. After this their was an anti-vaccination committee for the people who disagreed with this requirement, it started in New England, then in California, Indiana, Illinois, West Virginia, Minnesota, and finally in Wisconsin.

Some might argue that vaccinations should be required because they can help save lives and can be helpful to be people who want to fight off viruses and risk getting side effects. Others might argue that viruses can be fought off without these vaccinations and risks of the side effects. Vaccinations shouldn’t be required, but if people feel the need for them then they can still have that opportunity to get the vaccination they want.