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My thoughts to the next president on college tuition

Dear future President.

Whoever this is congrats on the win! (If this is Hillary I have a friend that looks just like you.) But lets get to the topic of the letter. The price of college tuition kinda high. Living with a single mom and three other siblings I know it will be difficult to pay for college. Unless I get a scholarship I may go into debt from student loans. I have to work extra hard in order to even have a stable career now because of the expensive price. I may be coming off as lazy but the truth is that I know how hard it is for some people to get high grades. I know people who can answer problems I never could and do twice as much work as me but still have the same or worse grades as me. So how can we together fix this problem? 

 Make college free! More education means better jobs and better jobs means more money, yay! Wrong. I have learned education is not free. I went to a private school that costed quite a bit of money for four students. That makes me think of how expensive four years of free college for more than 1000 students per public college. Not to mention paying the teachers and other staff members. The cost for the government would be huge. But this creates a never ending problem of cost for the student or the government. So how can we solve this. By lowering tuition for everyone or offering price lowering scholarships that help the student are possible solutions. I would love to see change by the time I go to college. I challenge you, the President, to address and do your best to fix this problem.



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