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Taking out the "Un" in Unemployment

Saving the people from unemployment in the United States, specifically in the field of the labor force and construction workers.

Unemployment in Construction

My best friends’ parents never went to college, and his Dad had a really great high paying construction job that his mom didn’t even have to go to work to make up funds. The company that he was working for, however, slowly faded away and he lost his job. He proceeded to try and find another job that would pay a high wage for him again, in any job. He found out first hand that there are very few jobs that don’t need a college bachelor's degree that could pay him as much money as he wanted. He was unemployed for 2 months before he found another suitable job but was still not making as much money as he would like. He now works as a truck driver, and my friend’s mom works two different part time jobs to make up the money loss.

Unemployment is important to think about because our workforce serves primarily as a measurement of economic health on a local, state and national scale. These are the jobs of men and women in our country and it needs to be one of our top priorities. The unemployment rate in the U.S. has remained steady around 5% for the past year. More and more people are dropping out of the labor force industry. The problem with this is that people in the the labor force industry usually have not gone to school past high school, and therefore, are having a rough time finding another job that suits their own skill set. It’s tough for someone who has been working in a labor force, such as a labor worker, to get into a different area of work. This is because there aren’t enough jobs in the labor force anymore. It’s hard for them because most other jobs require at least a bachelor's degree in college, so the workers have to go back to college for those four years of schooling. But without a good working job to help fund them through that, how can they do that? The simple answer is that it’s impossible. We need to make sure these people don’t lose their jobs in the first place, and make sure that they can still live while working these jobs.

The solution I offer towards the unemployment rates is to use our resources and funding more towards the labor workforce and the construction workforce. If we give the labor force and the construction jobs more money to be able to pay for their workers, workers wouldn’t lose their jobs because the companies would have sufficient funds for them. Give the private industry of the workforce and construction a priority in the budget of taxes. Find a way to pay those taxes back to Americans by opening up more jobs for those construction workers. Most of the problem from unemployment are from the construction industry and the labor force. If we give these two groups priority, the unemployment rate will go down by 2%. Going down to 3% for the unemployment rate would be an amazing thing. 2% of the unemployed people in America fall under this category of not being employed in the labor force union and the construction force. If we eliminate all of those people in these fields, it will make the unemployment rate of America go down to 3%, which is tremendous.

You may say that your time and effort could be focusing on more important things than the unemployed people of America, but by solving this unemployment problem in America, you would solve numerous other problems as a domino effect of solving unemployment. If you solve the unemployment rate, you won’t have to worry about the poor and the needy, as everyone will have a job that gives them wages. You won’t have to worry about debts because everyone will have the finances to pay those debts off.

If we gave the construction industry a priority of our efforts to help them lower the number of people they have to lay off because of money, we would be helping so many more people. We could help more than half of that number, reducing the unemployment rate of the whole country.

This is a big issue in the world today, and I want you Mr./Madam President to do something about this. Unemployment is a big issue in our country. 5% is simply too high. I’ve seen this impact friends in my life, and I just want them to have a better life. I hope you wish for the people of your country to be happy as well. I hope you can fund the construction industry, even if it is just a little amount of money, anything helps these people. I hope you can give this industry the right amount of effort and attention, as they truly deserve to be able to find a good job for all of their hard work.

This issue hits my heart because of the effects of unemployment in my own Utah community. Utah’s unemployment percentage for construction workers in June of 2016 was at 4.0% (59,200 people). Just like with my friend’s dad, it is hard for all these guys to be able to find a job when there isn’t enough money for the the construction companies to hire them. I have many more people in my life with this struggle, and I want them to have a better life, and I hope you do too.

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