Max M. Connecticut

Women Economic Equality

Women and men are both U.S. citizens, so shouldn't they be treated equally in job opportunities and wages. Men and women should be payed the same amount if they are working the same job.

Dear Future President,

Hi Future President, you probably do not know me, but I certainly know you. I am here today to tell you how I feel about certain inabilities in America, and my name is Max Mahr. Just to start do you really feel that women and men are being treated equally in our country? The ability in which our country has treated this issue a kind of nonchalant way makes me very frustrated. We are all citizens in this country, so why would we not be treated the same? It makes our country seem weaker, and have no equality present. Women do not have the ability to get the same jobs a lot of men have, yet even if they do get the job they will usually be payed less than a man doing the same exact job. Is it fair women make 20% less annually than men? Obviously not, there must be a change wages and job opportunities, which will create equality between men and women. Just because they look different does not mean you treat someone any different.

Mr. Trump and Ms. Clinton, laws must be changed, so women have the ability to get the jobs men have always had, yet women also should be making the same amount that men make. I know men and women are treated equally in some aspects, yet women seem to always fall behind in wages and job opportunity. Trump I know your thoughts towards Rights of Women are not exactly mine, yet I know you know that all American citizens deserve equal treatment especially if two people are working the same job they must be payed the same. You have two daughters, what if they do not get the chance to pursue their dreams and get the job they have always aspired to get. That would break you and what if they reject Ivanka later in life for being a “dumb blonde women”, which they would only judge her based on her appearance. She deserves the chance to qualify for the job, so let's give women a chance. Women need better jobs opportunities and wages it is only fair. Many women are single parents and need to work for their children and if they work hard they must be paid fairly to support their children. Same with you Ms. Clinton if you are the president I know you will make these changes, but I would like to reiterate how important they are too you. Women need to make an equal amount to men for reasons as to support children and to pay for the basic needs as a human being. Many women do not make equal pay or even get to go for jobs that men have. Men should not receive an extra 23 cents for every dollar a woman earns just because he is “the stronger sex”. America is meant to be the free land. We can not let this as “the great land of America” have women being treated like this. Overtime that money can become a ridiculous amount,and that is just the average. Men are making significantly more money than women and the wage gap needs to stop. Women are hardworking people who must be respected in this economy. I know you both are great people and have true hearts, so please make a decision to change the laws to help women if you are voted in. One of the statistics in America is, “the average woman will make $430,480 less than her male counterpart over the course of 40 years of work”(Lily B.). This is terrible because me should not have almost half a million dollars more than a woman makes in 40 years of work. That is enough to pay for college in America, and have plenty left with no scholarships. Our great land should never let that happen just because they have different appearance than us. Hillary you must understand as a women if you are reading this, and Donald, do either of you want your daughters in this society? Do you even feel right letting your country be in this situation? You both have hearts, and must understand where women are coming fro and dealing with. Wages should not be affected by a person's looks. It is morally wrong for our country to take gender into the decision for their wage. No women in any race should be treated different, yet the women in any racial background makes 100% equal amount of money as the men in their race. 50.4% of Americans can not be treated like this. The females of our country are respectable workers, so they must be payed like ones.

Women and men are both people in our country, and if you are a citizen, then you deserve the same respect as anyone else in this country. They both work in the army, so they are equal there, too. We are all from America, so we should all be treated equal. Am I right? I think yes, and it is time for changes, so women can feel happy just like men do. Wages should be determined on how hard you work, and if you deserve the money on the amount of work you have put in. If a women is working harder than a man should she be payed more? Yes because it does not matter on what your appearance is, yet on if you do the work efficiently and well. I read an article that stated. In 1963 president John F. Kennedy passed the Equal Pay Act of 1963 which was aimed at getting rid of the wage gap based on sex in America. I had no idea that this occurred, yet when I read it I could not believe it because this is 53 years ago, yet we still have this problem. There have been improvements in pay by about 10 percent more in 20 years, yet there is a huge wage gap still going on. There should not be a wage gap at all. We all need money as citizens, and if a woman is willing to work hard enough for you then she should be payed for it. Women should be paid fairly for how they are working. Women as a whole make 80% annually of what the men make annually. How does this make sense? Both from the United States, and may be working the same job, but do not get payed the same because of their gender. I know this is not fair, and hope both of you realize how important this issue, and make a change. Time for the change. No more waiting in America.

I am writing to you today to let you know there must be a change in the government, so women get the opportunity and wages they need to live a long and happy life. I believe there should be laws passed for certain corporations, and that the federal minimum wage should be risen, yet I will leave that up to you. No matter what you decide to do there must be a change for the better of women. Just remember that the exterior is not what defines an American.


Max Mahr

Staples High School


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