Jacob F. Colorado

College Tuition

In this brief letter, I am just going to talk about how college tuition is skyrocketing and how college is becoming less affordable.

Dear future president, 

            I am only 15 years old, but that doesn't mean that I'm not thinking about college. Although, often when I think about college, the first thing that comes to mind, is "will I be able to afford it". When I brought this subject up with my father, he told me that college tuition has been starting to "skyrocket" off the charts and that it is becoming more and more expensive. I then wondered if I would be able to go to college, get a good paying job, raise a family, and retire with some wealth. I know, I'm only 15 and I'm already trying to think about my future, what can I say. So please, do something about this, I don't what what, and I don't know when, but do it soon.