Akira S. Colorado


I think abortion is okay in some circumstances. It really just depends. These are my thoughts.

For my English class, we had to talk and write out our thoughts about abortion. Hearing my own thoughts and others' thoughts about this subject got me thinking about how good or bad abortion is in certain circumstances. 

The first circumstance that was brought up was just abortion in general. Let's think about this for a second. If somebody has sex without using protection, it's really their fault, and since abortion is legal, if they don't want the baby, they will get rid of it anyway. But if abortion was illegal, would people be more safe with sex, would they still have illegal abortions, or would something bad happen like a huge population growth or more poverty? Many questions are being asked about abortion. So, what would happen if the laws changed? I think people would be more safe with what they're doing in their lives and use more protection, but who knows until it happens, right?

The second topic that was brought up was that 'Should abortion be legal if a girl is raped?' I think any woman should have a choice to keep the baby or not, if raped, because of a few key points. First of all, this woman didn't have any consent to what might happen to her at that time. The rapist isn't going to go 'Oh, hey, do you want protection or no?'. It doesn't happen that way. The rapist is a horrible person that doesn't care about the woman on the other side and is only there for the sex and screaming and struggling because they're into that messed up stuff. It's not her choice if she has sex that night and she literally can't do anything about it. So, with that said, this woman should also have a choice if she wants a living and breathing reminder of the night that she was raped. 

Another topic that was brought up was straight up, no abortion. An innocent life could be killed in an instant and that is literally so powerful in so many ways. Think about if you were killed in an instant when you were in your mothers stomach. You wouldn't be reading this letter, you wouldn't be living the life you have, you wouldn't have experienced any of the good or bad memories that you have created in you lifetime, you wouldn't have done anything. You could be a completely different person living in poverty, or in a different country, or anything but who you are today. 

So is abortion okay? I think it is a matter to be discussed between many people and have two strong sides to. I'm glad to have heard both sides to the opinions of abortion as it has broadened my horizons and I hope it does the same for you, too. To open your mind to the other sides and thoughts of abortion. 

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