Sid B. Illinois


Education is the key to success.

Dear Future President,

Education drives our country forward and educates the young men and women to pursue in their dream job if they are that fortunate. Our country’s education is slowly starting to crumble in certain school districts and the problems within need to be addressed. If it is a law that kids need to be attending education, why are some kids scared of going to school because of problems in the classroom such as bullying. Bullying is a huge issue that isn’t being handled as it should, school districts need to enforce more consequences against bullying. Also, students treating teachers as useless educators… Kids should want to learn, so why don’t they care? Schools are requiring too much homework outside of school! Isn’t seven hours of school enough? Having a degree in a certain job usually pays more than a non-college job, but the young men and women are struggling to come up with a way to pay for this. Parents are sacrificing things for their kids to go to college or the kids are sacrificing their dream job because their is no money in their household. I am asking for these issues to be addressed so our country’s educational system can continue to drive forward. I am addressing these topics so they can be looked at and fixed.


Sid Boelens (Rock Island, IL.)