Ava Pennsylvania


Kids need recess! Recess is one thing kids look forward to. Read on to find out more.

October 18th 2016

Dear Future President,

I am writing to you today because I am worried about Middle school students who don’t have recess. As a 6th grader I am very sad we don’t have recess anymore. Kids over ten should continue to have recess. Recess was the time I got to run around and let my energy out. Now there is research on why kids today should be given recess. The definition of recess to me is a brake in a school day for kids to play.

Playtime can be just as important as class time for helping kids perform their best. I have found this year I usually cant focus during class this year. I keep staring into space. Last year when I had recess I found myself focusing more. Did you know that Recess helps wellness too? Well it does! Studies show that in Recess you get more exercise then in gym class. The natural light helps kids as well. Also kids need a brake as well, parents get coffee brakes and lunch brakes. Us kids get lunch that’s not enough time to talk to our friends and eat. At recess you can talk and play with your friends. I feel strongly about more recess. I have found out Recess is a way for kids to build Social Skills. When your at recess kids often talk to each other and meet new friends from other classes.

I strongly believe that the future President should make having recess as a new law for our health and benefit. The kids over 5th grade need recess too.