Marisol J. California

Education For Police Officers

Police officers need to go through more than just the police academy. Having more education will decrease the amount of shootings that cause innocent people to die.

Dear Future President:

Now, more than ever people are trying to find change and reform for the way police are treating people of color. Police are  shooting innocent people without receiving a punishment. This is seen as a racist act because the police that get away with this are usually from a different race of the victim. In modern society everyone is being divided because of their race, ethnicity, and also sexuality. It is important to acknowledge that perhaps police are not receiving the correct education because they are killing innocent people rather than protecting the communities.

Police officers should be educated on different ethnic and racial studies to educate themselves on the different kinds of groups and cultures in a community to have a better understanding and to be able to closely relate to people of diverse backgrounds. Police officers need more than just education on how to do their job but also tests in order to know if they are mentally capable of using a gun the right way. This will help decrease the number of wrongful death shootings.

It is all over social media and the news that people of color are protesting and even shooting police officers because they have feel unsafe, and they want everyone to be aware of the tragedies that occur to people of color. I propose to the next president that there should be a reform in the way the police academy is current running. It is not fair to feel unsafe because of your race, sexuality, or ethnicity. With providing police officers more education relevant to the communities they serve, the relationships between police and citizens would change for the better. 


Marisol Jaramillo

The Preuss School UCSD

Block 6

AP English Lit & Comp, B Day

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