Jacob B. Illinois

LGBTQ Rights

This topic towards you are very skewed regarding LGBTQ rights. I have heard that you like/dislike the community and I just want a direct answer and not going around the questions.

Jacob Bastianoni

Dear Mr.Trump,

My situation is kind of like choosing from Chocolate and Vanilla. Some people may have it easy, they would be very straight forward on what flavor they want and how they want it. With my side, I like both. Sometimes the likings change, and I may lean more towards Chocolate or Vanilla one day. This lifestyle has caused me to be part of the LGBTQ community. Once I found out that you were running for president, I thought nothing of it. I didn't think anything of it due to the fact about me not knowing who you are. I looked in on you and saw that you are a billionaire and have been on many TV shows and even a few movie cameos. If you were the same age as you were in 1966, for the Batman TV show; you would be the celebrity cameo when Batman and Robin are climbing the side of the building.

I heard around that you want to get rid of the rights or something, which I think is wrong. The legalization of same sex marriage was a big topic last year in the media. Once it was legalized, there was praise among the community and the United States overall. Of Course people don’t agree with the legalization of same sex marriage, and I know that. One source told me that you are a “traditional guy” who believes in old fashioned ways. Donald Trump is “buddies” with Mike Pence who has become the face of anti-LGBTQ discrimination after signing a bill to allow businesses to discriminate against and deny service to LGBTQ people just by their sexual orientation. In this world people have their own beliefs and struggles to deal with, and that's just how the world works. 

Metea Valley High School

Metea Valley Sophomore English

All sophomore students at Metea Valley High School wrote letters to President-Elect Trump, voicing their issues on ideas that are important to them. These letters were part of a three-week project, where we learned about rhetorical situation; types of claims; types of evidence; and embedding quotes.

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