Zohir A. New York

US Education System needs improvement ASAP

I think the US President should help the US Education System improve.

Dear Next President,

The US Education System is falling behind and we need to fix this issue immediately. According to the documentary “The Inside Man” by Morgan Spurlock it says that the US Education System is 15th in reading, 23rd in Science, and 31st in Math. This means that the US Education System is really behind other countries. The US is one of the biggest countries so we have to make sure that the students are getting a better education. One reason the US Education System is behind is because of poverty issues. The US is behind states such as South Korea ,Singapore, and Finland. In the article “ Where do Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump stand on three points about Education” the article says” The Democratic nominee has taken a vastly different position than her opponent, putting forward that includes free tuition at public colleges and universities for students whose families earn less than 125,000 annually” I think this a great idea because some students who do really well in high-school can’t afford college so they can’t take advantage of their good grades. Therefore, if colleges were free those students can’t can take advantage of their skills and do great stuff for the country in the future.

My cousin finished high-school with a honor roll and got accepted into some really good colleges. Therefore, his family wasn’t the most wealthy so he wasn’t able to attend any of those advanced colleges. I have a friend who was a good student in elementary school but he was sent to middle school that he didn’t chose and eventually the middle school killed his grades. I think the next president of the US should help make it easier for students to go to schools of their choice. I also have a cousin that came from Bangladesh over the summer and didn’t know much english he eventually started school when summer ended when he went to school they gave him a spanish class which he failed because he had to learn english and spanish at the same time and that really mixed him up. I think giving a student who is already struggling to speak english a spanish class is unfair because that’s much languages being teached to a student at one time.

I think we can solve the problem of the US Education system in many ways. One way we can improve the US Education System is by helping the children in poverty because the US has one of the highest poverty rates. I think the US should give less standardized tests because too many tests have proven to be a negative effect on students. These negative effects include stress,lack of sleep, and more. Another solution is giving students in poverty something to work for and make money off such as giving them jobs. The US Education System should make college free or more affordable for students whose families aren’t the most financially successful. In the article “ Superintendent meets needs beyond classroom to help poor kids succeed” Tiffany Anderson helps kids in poverty with their education and this helped the kids succeed more in school.

In the future, when I am old enough for college I want to be able to afford it for a good price. I would also like their to be less testing because studying for multiple hours a day can be a real pain and give you a lack of freedom. I would like children who are in poverty to be successful because it isn’t fair that they can’t get a good education because of their parents. Education should be the number one priority for the president of the US because education decides the type of people we are going to employ and education decides our children’s futures.

Sincerely, Zohir .A