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LGBTQ+ Equality

America has had problems with discrimination for a while now, especially when it comes to members of the LGBTQ+ community, or those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and many more.

Dear Future President,

Did you know that fourteen percent of all hate crimes in the United States are committed against those who are LGBTQ+, according to I believe that all people, including those who are LGBTQ+, should be treated equally, and this appalling statistic shows that LGBTQ+ individuals are still being discriminated against. Those who are LGBTQ+ are discriminated against in many different places for many different reasons. Discrimination can happen in school and work, and for religious or non-religious reasons.

For many teens in the LGBTQ+ community, their lives aren't easy. They struggle with confusion, bullying, and depression. According to The Trevor Project, those who are LGBTQ+ are four times as likely to attempt suicide as those who are straight, which is a frightening statistic. Quite a few members of the LGBTQ+ community are already confused about their gender and/or sexuality, which makes them more vulnerable to attacks by bullies. Another big problem is that many LGBTQ+ individuals are too scared to "come out" in fear that others will treat them differently or tease and bully them, and these suspicions are fact-based. In fact, 64% felt unsafe at school due to sexual orientation, 44% felt unsafe at school because of their gender identification, 32% did not go to school for at least one day because they felt unsafe, 44% experienced physical harassment, and 22% experienced stronger violence. Surprisingly, 61% never reported the attacks, and 31% of those who reported the attacks said that their school never responded to the violence, according to

Many LGBTQ+ adults are also treated unfairly, if not even worse. They get paid less than straight individuals, and according to Center for American Progress, gay men earn 10% to 32% less than similarly qualified straight men. Many employers will not hire those who are LGBTQ+ merely because of their gender or sexuality, and 16% to 68% of lesbian, gay, and bisexual people experience employment discrimination, according to the Williams Institute. Many employers have also fired individuals who come out, which is actually legal in 29 states, according to This type of behavior is completely discriminatory and should not be tolerated.

Another reason people discriminate against LGBTQ+ individuals is because they think that the majority of the LGBTQ+ community is rich, so that they will naturally be accepted by the rest of the community and that the LGBTQ+ community doesn’t need any laws ensuring their protection. Contrary to that belief, members of the LGBTQ+ community are more likely to be poor, according to Advocate. According to The Atlantic, LGBTQ+ individuals who are rich or have more money are more likely to answer surveys about their money, whereas those who are poorer are more likely to only answer anonymous surveys, which is why the rich are represented more than the poor. Nineteen states have barely any form of legal protection for LGBTQ+ individuals, and a transgender person can be denied comprehensive health insurance in 42 states. For many LGBTQ+ individuals that already live in or are close to living in poverty, this unfair discrimination makes their lives extremely frustrating and hard.

Many people are prejudiced against LGBTQ+ individuals for religious reasons. Some believe that being LGBTQ+ goes against religion and is wrong or disgusting. If anything, going against those who are different than you is the most wrong or disgusting part of that reasoning. Many religions support the fact that all humans are equal, no matter what race, gender, or sexuality.

Discrimination against LGBTQ+ individuals is wrong in many ways, and can no longer be excused. Not only are LGBTQ+ teenagers discriminated against in a school setting, LGBTQ+ adults are also discriminated against in the workplace, and many LGBTQ+ individuals are discriminated against because people argue that being LGBTQ+ is against religion, wrong, or disgusting. This needs to stop, and I believe that you, as the President of the United States, should make laws that stop the prejudice and discrimination against LGBTQ+ individuals. Members of the LGBTQ+ community already have hard lives as it is, and we need to make their lives easier, not harder. The laws that many states have to prohibit simple things all human beings should have the right to, not just straight people that identify with their gender assigned at birth, are prohibiting LGBTQ+ individuals from living simple, normal lives. Your responsibility lies within making everyone equal, including LGBTQ+ individuals.



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