Pablo R. Illinois

Europe as an Example

If we looked to our neighbors across the pond, we may learn something.

Dear future president,

I am an exchange student, and I think that this country does not have a bad infrastructure but is not perfect, one of the think that u should do is to look to Europe and make things like they do there, because it’s much better. There are a lot of places that look like a third world country, for this country been the first economic potence, a lot of things should be better.

Other thing that I found interesting and crazy is that civilians can carry fire guns, that should be only a job for military or police, a lot of people would be safer if people does nt have guns, no guns, no fire, no death.

The college here in USA is really expensive and a lot of people get in debt because of that, someone has to do something because this would be bad for the economy of this country, because people own money, so they don't buy stuff and bussines broke because of that.