zabrina g. New Mexico

Drug abuse

Drug abuse

Dear Future President,

My name is Zabrina; I am 15. Something I strongly think needs to be brought up and solved, or even just payed attention to is drug abuse.This topic is important to me because I lived with someone who was addicted to drugs, and knowing that I could come home finding someone I loved dead from an overdose hurt me a lot. Getting rid of drug abuse is important to me because no kid should have to grow up faster than another kid, because their guardian is hooked on drugs so they have to mature and make their own decisions and take care of themselves. I don't think any kid should have to live with someone who is on drugs, it makes the kid mature way to fast, see things they shouldn't ever see, and gives them an impact on a kid forever, an impact that caries on with the child until they are 18, 19, 20, and even 87 on their death bed. I don't think a child or any one should have to sit there and watch someone they love be so high they that they can't even engage in whats going on in the real world.

Last year alone, 47,055 died from drug overdose, more people died from drug overdose than car crashes. According to statistics 1.5 more people died using drugs than in car accidents. Since 2000 nearly half of a million people have died, thats 1,000,000 people that have died from drug abuse. Drug abuse is forth on the United Sates leading causes of deaths. 2.2 million children are living with at least one parent who is a drug addict. I think drug testing the women when their pregnant at every doctor appointment for the pregnancy, to make sure the woman is not on any kind of drug would be a big solution. I also think that having a survey every other month in school about at home problems and their personal life would be a solution to make sure every child feels like their in a home. I also think if a mother should be drug tested every year once a year. Then, if any of the drug test come out positive the mother should lose her kid and be forced to go to rehab until they are completely free of drugs. I also think then the child or children should go to a foster, just until the mother gets cleaned, and from that point on the child can decide wither or not they want to go back with their paren(s) or continue to live with their foster family.         

Whomever may be reading this when you become president I wish you best of luck. I hope being president turns out exactly how you planned. I also hope you read this and pay really close attention to it. I really hope to see the statistics in drug abuse go down. I hope the next four years you have as president is the best years you have ever had. Please make America great again.

 Sincerely, Zabrina