Dante V. New Mexico

Veteran Benefits

Dear Future President, I am writing you today to add my experience on the issue of veteran benefits. My father, who served in the United States military, has hardly enough to feed, shelter, clothe, and bond with his children. My uncle, Greg, was a soldier in the Iraq war, and he is in debt now for buying a house. My grandmother's husband, Don, was a Soldier in the Vietnam War and died on active duty in 1981 while in the Navy. She barely has enough to afford taking care of herself, and she is in terrible health. My great grandmother's husband, Mike was on the Bataan Death March in WWII. She is in great debt. And the list of examples goes on and on. Many veterans commit suicide because they have nothing left. Vets are treated terribly. They are signing away their life for our country. What is your plan to change this? As an American citizen, I feel a great gratitude to our soldiers. They gave away their life, careers, bodies, and mental health to defend this country by any means. Even death. And the fact that there are so many veterans feeling they can't get any help from the country they could've died for is terrible. I would like to see change. I would like to see them living without worry. I would like them given the proper medications and people who want to actually help them. I want to see them able to smile and laugh and feel like the US Military actually did something for them. Sincerely, Dante V.

Thank you for your time.