triston d. New Mexico

The Legalization of Marijuana

My letter talks about all the reasons why marijuana should be legal and how it will help our economy and medically.

Dear Future President:

              I am Triston, a 16 year old high school student in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and I personally think that marijuana should be legal. I think it should be legal for a whole bunch of reasons, from it helping medically to helping our economy. I have experience with people I know with medical cards. When marijuana was introduced in to their lives, it changed them for the better, like some of them had anger issues and with this card they became a more calm and nicer person. With the legalization even our economy will change and our schools will not be poor schools anymore, well actually New Mexico would not be a poor state anymore, and this would change the way people live for the better. I know in some states they classify marijuana as being as bad as heroin, and I think that is wrong because there has not been one person that has overdosed on marijuana because you can't fall asleep before you even can. 

            I think you should make it legal for adults like 18 and over because using the drug as teens isn't really that good, but its also not bad though its just harder to focus in schools, but as adults it is proven that it is not bad and it doesn't make you dumber nothing really happens in this site . In Colorado, in the last year, they made 700 million dollars as proven on . With this income, our state of New Mexico would do better for schools and a lot of things that our state can not pay for. Also, by making this drug legal the crime rate would go down dramatically and make our state look way better. Also, we would not be filling our jails with drug dealers and actually get real criminals that actually did bad things instead of filling them with dealers.

            So, if cigarettes and alcohol are legal, and they did incredible harm to the body, and marijuana doesn't, then marijuana should be legal.  It would actually do better for our country, and we could make America great again. So, I think marijuana should be legal.


Triston D.