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Drugs are a concern and should be scrutinized further so the President solves this issue.

Dear Future President,

An issue that greatly impacts the wellbeing of many Americans is drug abuse.Drug abuse impacts all social ladders of society. Regardless, of an individual's set morals,economic standing, or religious beliefs either polar individuals approximately twenty one million adolescents over the age of twelve years old, in the United States alone are victims of a drug addiction. With this in mind drug abuse should be a cause of awareness because anyone that has fallen as a victim of an addiction alters future generations to continue these detrimental habits. In addition, over or regular consumption leads to the lack of feelings, emotions, and creativity. Most importantly, the use of drugs interrupts the prime functions of Junior High and High schools because drugs are easier obtained and effect students by interfering with the normal traffic patterns that the neurotransmitters use. As a result, a school’s reliability is affected due to students performing under grade level on standardized tests. For this reason the next president should implement drug policies by limiting an individual’s ability to attain a new prescription drugs such as antibiotics, hbi porphine ,and e-cigarettes. In summation, the world is at stake yet with the efforts from counselors,bill administrators,or “clean” victim's advocate stricter rules concerning the awareness of drug abuse and the methods to not only prevent but also quit addictions ; circumstances when numerous victims treat the addiction at its core the initial effect of drug addiction such as a mental health illness of over the counter prescriptions or any other drug that has become mainstream with ages varying from eighth grade to twenty five year olds .To avoid any health related issues that will dramatically cause America’s health to decline, adding clinics and or rehabilitation center will cause recoveries over millions of states across America, and it will take one state at a time but with the president’s deliberate characteristics can all come together and progress to form astounding effects.


Alejandra Fructuoso


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