Gloria S. Texas

Drug Abuse & Heroin in Teens

Drug abuse has become an issue that has caused many teens and young adults to drop out of school, lose their jobs and sometimes lose their homes.

Dear Future President,

The use of drug abuse has been an issue that has been continuing to occur and grow in the U.S. There needs to be a solution to this problem. I am a high schooler and this is when the mistakes you make and the things you do start to count in the bigger picture of your future. Controlling drug abuse is important because it can really destroy your life plans and cause you to have an unhealthy life. I am here to persuade you on why this should be taken seriously.

The first reason of why this is serious is that drug abuse can take a toll in one's life and destroy their life plans. After so long of taking drugs, it becomes the only thing someone might think to be important. They first lose their job and most times lose connections with their family or friends. The reason of taking drugs for purposes of having a “break” from life and all its problems, turns into the drugs being the problem and what ends up consuming your life . One may argue that stopping or wanting to stop taking drugs is near impossible; however there are so many different ways to get help. Surrounding themselves in a good environment where people who care about them and want to see them get better will get them a step closer to saving yourself.

Another reason of why this is a serious matter is that abusing drugs can have people living an unhealthy condition. There are many cases of people dying because of overdosing by abusing the drugs that they take. There is a 6.5% increase per year of deaths that occur because of this. Abusing drugs which lead up to not having a job which can also cause one to not have a place to live. It would be to our benefit to help this issue not become as big or bigger than it already is. By doing this, it would allow us not to have so much worry over the things that we or the people we care about might be able to easily access.

The easiest way to control drug abuse, keep it from destroying the life plans of people, and have them living an healthy life, is by making drugs not simple to easily access. Losing your job, family, and home is probably the worst thing that can happen as you’re becoming older and these become more important. So why should we care? It is important because the more accessible drugs are, the more likely that maybe one of the people you care about, will one day lose everything they have right now and live an unhappy life.


Someone who cares

Central High School

English I Pre-AP

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