Madison S. New Mexico


Abortion is a big problem that the needs to be addressed.

Dear Future President,

I want to express my feelings to you about United States and about the World and how it can and should be changed. Some things to think about are, immigration, abortion, recycling, and trade.All the things that I hope you take your time to try to fix, I mean it is your duty as president. I feel these things are all important and I would like to explain why. These things are important to many people because they are big issues. Abortion, it is life and the fact people want to take that away is cruel.

My name is Madison, and I go to high school in New Mexico. My aunt lost a baby when she was 25; she is now 28 and has a year old baby. She always wanted one but had trouble with it, she thought about adoption but she finally got pregnant and has a beautiful baby. I am telling you this because people over the world would kill to have a baby, and others just want to kill the baby. I understand that people can be raped and get pregnant that doesn’t mean you have to kill it. I’m sure there is a couple out there looking to add on to their family. There are better lives for children then not being born. Give them a chance to change the world and right there own story.

What if instead of just planning doctors' appointments and then it being over with in a month there should be a time limit. I read that in the first two weeks is fertilization and then after 3 weeks is implantation and then after 5 weeks is when the baby starts developing. I found this information on I think that we should not allow a person to have an abortion after 4 weeks. And if the parent doesn’t make it in that time period then have to go to court and make a case on why they cant have a baby and if its not worth killing it so just put it up for adoption.

Thank you for your time; I hope you are able to read this and address this time. I hope you fix all the wrong things in the United States and we, as a nation can be good again. I also want to say that there are many people out there that have problems they would like for you to look at as well. So, please take your time to read and examine others ideas as well. I will be apart of the next election in 4 years, so I will be voting then wish you luck and thank you.

Sincerely, Madison S.