sophia New Mexico

is 75 too old to be president?

heath and the age of a president

Dear Future President, 

     My name is Sophia; I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  I was thinking about what to write for this project and was doing research on age. I decided to write about this because I've seen more and more mental disabilities such as alzheimer's, diabetes, hearing loss, etc… I believe that the age to run for president should be limited, so after a certain age you can not run for president. 

      By age 70, your liver starts aging making you more prone to diseases, your hearing starts to age by your mid 50's, "More then half of people over 60 lose hearing because of their age." According to the Royal National Institute for the Deaf. Your heart starts to age at 40, "men over 45 and woman over 55 are at greater risk for heart attacks." Also the older past around 60s you are prone to serious heart diseases. Your rase and smell starts to age at 60, "We start out in life with about 10,000 taste buds scattered on the tongue this number can be split in halve later in life." Lungs start aging at 20, "30, average man can inhale 2 Pints of air in one breath, by 70 its down to one" Voice starts aging around 65, the tissues in your voice box start to break down or weaken. Your brain starts aging at 20, "by 40 we could be losing up to 10,000 nerve cells per day affecting memory, co-ordination, and brain function." Dementia is also a huge issue that can come along with genetics and age, Alzheimer's is one of the most common types of Dementia's. Usually people with Alzheimer's are 65 and older, 5% of them get early onset Alzheimer's. Heath is a serious issue and I do not believe someone can be fit to run a country and make important decisions if their health is bad, heath can affect your mind set and decisions you make and a lot of heath issues appear the older you are and the older you get. 

    Thank you for reading my letter and thank you for service to running this country. Good luck on your journey and for your time. 

                                      Sincerely, Sophia J