Jameson Pennsylvania

Fear for the Future

All of one student's fear expressed in a letter.

Dear Next President,

I hope you bring the greatest of sacrifices to this country. May you lift the spirits of American families and let them celebrate patriotism once more. For they will no longer feel weighed down with the uprising of fear in the distance, but feel proud to stand up and become the great country we are. In your presidency, may you help everyone in times of need. Let those people no longer think about their future as one in demise, but one with extensive wealth in being and life. May the American people protect their daily lives with their right to bear arms, not have it taken away due to the reckless acts of others. May they not have to worry about the fear of others identities, who they may be, where they might be from, and what they might do to other civilians. That is why, next president of these United States of America, I ask you; What will you do to protect our nation from the fears of the unknown and future? How will you keep the American people safe? Will you allow them to keep themselves safe? I ask these questions in hopes of keeping the American dream alive today, because that dream is slowly fading away without anyone knowing. How will you stop the fear?

How can you stop the ongoing accounts of immigrant issues in this country? There are countless stories of shootings, bombings, and even murders are committed by some illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants represent 13.6% of all crimes committed. Specifically, 12% of murders, 20% of kidnapping sentences, and 16% of drug trafficking can be directly linked to illegal immigrants. People who were once welcomed into this country have stayed far too long. It’s not just people who have overstayed their welcome; but also people who cross our borders for America and arrived in towns and cities without the government knowing. This is a major problem. You, the president of the United States, are in charge of this great land, and for that I hope you can sustain our borders and make sure the American people are safe. I believe you should help everyone by making sure that immigrants can be monitored when visiting this country, and to make sure they leave when their time is up, or take the proper steps to become legal, law-abiding citizens. Doing so will result in the protection of the good people who live here in the United States of America. I understand America is built on the land of immigrants, but only the ones who have come here legally. For those are the ones who understand what it is like to be a citizen and become American.

For the future is something I fear most of all. Something that can not be changed, rewritten, or deleted from history. It is something that is part of the unknown, something that no one knows about until it has come. However, the future is something that is endless, and hopefully someday in the future, may the United States be whole once more. May we not be divided for race, religion, or war, but united as one. For may we win the ongoing wars with terrorist such as ISIS. May we be able to continue the American dream of equality between everyone. For those who which to purchase and use a firearm in the right terms may do so. And establish a superior immigrant system for those who are allowed to stay can, and those who are not must leave. I want to see a future not deprived of fear, hate, and anger against one another, but a future which I can believe in. A future that is up to the next President of the United States of America.

So will you stand up and defend the American people? Will you help them, be with them, and support them in their times of need and devastation? I have thought many times before of how these United States could crumble into ruins in the time of one presidency. I now say to you, the next president of the USA, do not let our country hit bedrock. We already hit rock bottom in the past, do not follow in the same path. I ask you to do a great service to your country. May you help the American people in these times, and go down in history as one of the greatest presidents of the United States of America. For I hope you can make my future brighter, not full of fear, but something I can depend on. Something I know I can have a successful life in. Something that you can do, and something I hope you do indeed.


Jameson R., Pennsylvania