Abi T.

Safety for America

This letter speaks about issues such as gun control, foreign relations and privacy specifically with emails.

To the Next President of the United States,

America is a great place, but some things hold it back. Now that you are in charge I was hoping you could fix some of those things. I hope you are already aware and trying to fix these, but this essay will just restate some of them.

Firstly, I would like to speak about the importance of gun control. It holds America back because unfortunately, people misuse guns. It is understandable if people need guns for their profession. Although, if not for that, what else? If the world was perfect, guns wouldn't even be needed. However, today people feel like guns are needed for protection and self defense. The problem isn't mainly about guns themselves, it is about guns getting into the wrong hands. One solution, would be doing very thorough background checks. Even so, there is no way to completely rule out the issue of a gun getting into the wrong hands, but this would limit it. Another solution would be to stop making bigger guns like assault rifles. If they are really just for safety, huge guns should not be needed.

Another issue that I feel passionate about would be relationships between Israel and Iran. The U.S. needs to check more in depth to make sure Iran doesn't have nuclear weapons. Iran having nuclear weapons can be dangerous in many ways, especially for Israel.  This is a shame because many religions believe Israel is their homeland. If anything were to happen, many people would be devastated.

The last issue I will write about is the issue of the NSA reading emails. I think that people should be able to have their own privacy. Emails can hold a lot of important and private information. If they made people aware that they would be reading their emails, it would be much more ethical. 

There are many other issues I'm sure you are aware of. Please help to only make the United states better. Please try to keep the people safe and our foreign relationships good. Lastly, please try to make good decisions.

Thank you,

Abi Tanner