Isa R. Pennsylvania


Violence is a threat for teens and our communities. Many people lose their lives most of them are innocent. not everything can be solved by violence theres a lot of many different ways you can solve problems.

September 26,2016.

Dear Next President,

Imagine how hard it is for parents having to lose their kids at a young age. How will they feel? Many kids die a young age. A lot of people solve problems with violence and they have to understand that not everything is solve with violence. Violence had increased for the past year. Violence poses a serious threat to U.S teens and their communities.

Also, No woman or girl in the world is entirely free of the risk of violence and abuse and this is unacceptable. Violence against women is a human rights issue with tremendous health, social and economic implications. 1.4 million people worldwide lose their lives to violence. People from all socioeconomic educational and religions backgrounds and happens in both same sex and heterosexual. Violence include feelings of fear that disrupt the population and many people lose people that they were really close to and that's very hurtful for them.

No law or sets of laws will end all acts of violence. Create a safety place where people will love to live there without any problems. Violence is the result of a combination of biological, social, and psychological factors, especially those that increase exposure to vulnerability, shame, and humiliation. Preventing violence must involve the opposite making sure people feel safe, cared about, and connected, while ensuring they have a healthy and realistic sense of self-esteem and self-worth.

Also, make gun trafficking a federal crime. Violence is nothing fun people lose their lives at a very young age. And parents cry because of someone that dies, some of those people are innocent, also little kids die too. Our community has suffered too many tragedies at the hands of dangerous people to commit terrible acts of violence. Remove exemptions that let dangerous people carry guns near our children's schools!


Isa Ramos