Alexander C. New York


Education is the biggest problem today and if we go and fix how we educate our children then everything will work so much better.

Dear Future President,

There are a lot of issues facing America today. There's issues with almost everything, From the way our government works, to civil rights, and even the criminal justice system. With all these issues a President can usually only focus on maybe one or two of them during their term. After all, these issues do take quite a while to fix. But after reading this letter it will be clear that Education is the biggest problem facing America today.

Now you might be skeptical because we do spend the most money on our education, and we do have TONS of schools in the United States. But did you know that (According to a article about education), ¨97% of low-income students rely on school for internet access, but 40 million students do not have high-speed Internet in school.¨ This fact shows a huge issue in our schools. Our schools already get a ton of funding, But reading this it makes you wonder where all that money is really going into. With the New Age quickly coming, technology is everywhere. You can't really escape it, so we might as well join in and teach our kids in a new way, a way with technology. If kids of lower-class families can't afford internet then a school should be able to support the kid and provide them with the internet. Kids can't do a lot without internet these days, So if the schools can't provide that for them, the schools aren't really helping out that kid, are they...

Not only is technology and the internet an issue, but according to a article on Newsela it says, ¨Schools can do so much to really (affect) poverty," Anderson said. "Some people think if you do all this other stuff, it takes away from focusing on instruction, when really it ensures that you can take kids farther academically.¨ This quote is addressing an issue that many people have. Going to school is the basic for any successful life, School helps you get the jobs that give you lots of money to live comfortably. If a school does not support these students and make them want to go to school then how will their future be successful. Giving students all these extra programs, technology, and support won't distract them. It will motivate kids to go to school and it will motivate kids to do better.

Now you may be saying, ¨ok he is just talking about the education system and how it is flawed, everyone knows it's flawed.¨ ¨What does this have to do with anything?¨ Now let me tell you, remember before when i said education was good for successful futures. Well that includes yours. Kids are the future, when they grow up they will be taking over your jobs. Do you want an idiot to fill in for you. Without a good education not only are we screwing the kids future, but were screwing our future. If we have good education for our kids we can secure that our future will be safe, and more people will have jobs! Jobs will boost the income intake for the US. We are already in so much debt so if we have the millions of kids grow up to all get jobs, We could get out of that debt and we can support our own country more. If you don't want to do that, If you don't want to support your own country, then why are you even running for president? We need someone who will secure our futures and the way to do that, is through education.

                -Sincerely Alex