Piper Pennsylvania

Our Fate

President, the fate of these people and animals are largely in your control, so what will you choose to do about it? Please read this letter.

Dear Future President,

The lives of 318.9 million people are in your hands. If that’s not enough, there’s also the three thousand species of animals in the United States alone. The fate of these people and animals are largely in your control, so what will you choose to do about it?

Within forty years, the world has lost more than half of its wildlife. Actually, that’s not true. The world has not lost the wildlife, we have destroyed it. More than nine billion animals die yearly in the U.S. alone, just to produce meat, dairy, and eggs. Take a cow for example. Most cows and steers are typically imprisoned to feedlots where thousands of them are cramped together, with little to no protection or care. Most cows and steer are branded, some without painkiller. In order to brand, they take burning hot metal with a specific mark on it. Then, they burn it into the animal’s skin to mark the animal as their own. Doing such a thing is abhorrent, and inhumane.

There is a theory made by Professor Frank Fenner that the human race will become extinct within the next 100 years. He believes this based off of the population growth throughout the world, and says that we won’t be able to survive the population explosion.

We have dug ourselves into a hole. We have gone so far, that it is almost impossible to get back to the top. But there is still a chance. If we don’t make our way back to the top, we will be stuck forever. We’ll just keep digging and digging, until we reach the end. Nobody knows what comes then, and nobody wants to find out. Do America a favor, and put these problems to their end. If you start now, others will follow, and we can rebuild America to the way it was before, they way it was always supposed to be.


Piper U., Pennsylvania

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