Hannah H. California

Letter To President

This is my letter to the next President, whoever that may be.

Hannah Hardcastle

Mr. Kelly

Nov. 1st

Period 4

Letter to President

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Hannah Hardcastle and I go to Minarets High School, O’neals CA and I have some questions about what you’re doing and what you plan to do. Obviously I know most likely you aren’t going to see this and that’s okay I just need to get these out there just in case. If you do read it, don’t respond I’d rather you answer my questions to the media and not just me. I would like to know what’s going to happen with our country and hopefully you don’t mess it up in anyway because I do have my doubts. My questions aren’t that important, they aren’t world changing or anything just a few wonderments. Number one, how did you win and what were your strategies. I always wanted to know how this was done. I know that it’s all about campaigning and what not but is there something else? Number two, I don’t know why but I wanted to know how people live in the white house, like whose room is who and how big are the bedrooms and where the kitchen and also is there maids and people to help you or do you have to get takeout sometimes. I know it’s a weird question but I always wondered and I think other people wonder too. Number three, how do you plan to use your four years? Are you going to take it seriously and change the things that need to be changed or just sit back and relax. I would also like to make this comment about bombs, just to put it out there. I’m trying to call anyone out but it might sound like I am. I fully disagree with bombing other country for no reason at all, it’s just a way to make enemies with the wrong people. I’m sorry that subject changed so quickly but I just thought I should put it out there. I would also like to say Congratulations and I hope you take care of this country and not blow us up.


Hannah Hardcastle 

Minarets High School

Minarets Econ/Gov

Seniors from Minarets High School in O'Neals, CA

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