Agnes Pennsylvania


ISIS is a tragical subject that requires much of your attention.

                                                                                                                   October 28, 2016

Dear President,

            A very significant topic that requires much of your attention is ISIS. In this time

of our life, ISIS seems to be the most rancor filled threat to America. They will go to all

extremes to make life worse for citizens of all countries. It is so dangerous now to go

anywhere and be sure we are in good circumstances. Please help our country to live in

peace again, and enjoy our country and everyone it it, as we should. We need to join

together as allies, and defend ourselves from this arbitrary tragedy.

            ISIS is a group of broken, angry, and dysfunctional people of the Middle East,

with hatred-filled hearts. They want to own the world and will try until they do. It doesn't

matter if it means killing everyone, causing suffering to those who were just living their

life, or even hurting themselves so much, they may die. The people who work for ISIS,

have done so much harm already, how can you predict their future? You need to find a

solution to stay safe, but not let ISIS get away with anymore of their destructive plans.

            Some of ISIS' most evil acts is all the times when they have killed and hurt

innocent people. For example, when they dropped bombs in Syria and set a fire nearly

impossible to put out, right in front of homeowners' settlements. But causing disastrous

destructions to one country wasn't enough. One of the most widely known attacks of ISIS

occurred on September 11, 2001. In the morning of that beautiful day, they flew two

planes into the Twin Towers. They also crashed into the Pentagon, and in the middle of a

prairie killing more than a million people, including themselves. Why? Because of their

hatred for America and their hatred for diversity. They risked their lives and killed

themselves, just to ruin it for so many others. Just to prove to everyone else that they are

willing to fight until they get their way. You can't let them get away with anymore of this.

But how will we stop them? If ISIS is going through this much to win, what can you do?

            Even though it will be very hard to stop them, you might have a chance. If you

come together with other countries as allies, you could have extra support, and you would

be in peace with those other countries. In our history, we have defeated the Nazis. If we

could do it then, we will do it again. We have defeated so many of our adversaries in the

past, so why is there an excuse not to work as hard once more? If we put our minds

together and begin fighting for peace and equality, we will surely win.

                For the most part, you can work at this matter without much conflict, but we must

stay together as one strong knot. If you gather support and help from other countries, we

will not drive into turbulence, but if our country separates, there is no way to win. We

must stay together, and if you suggest this topic further on, and pursue it, you can be a

part in keeping our country safe. I look forward to your continuous concerns on this

matter and its success.

                                                                                                                        With much appreciation,