Dakota L. South Carolina

cost of college

The price of college is way too much. this letter is for lowering college prices.

Dear next President,

The reason i am writing this letter is concerning college prices. College is very expensive and in today’s world you need a college degree to make a decent living for yourself. There is 3 reasons i have came up with to backup my reasons.

If you cannot afford college than you are hardly ever gonna make enough to be able to support yourself. If you are a lower class citizen and your parents make hardly enough money to get by then you know your parents have not saved money for you over the years. The average college costs 20k a year to attend college. How will you afford that?

To be able to make a halfway decent life for you and your family you are going to need a college degree. In today’s world a high school diploma isn’t enough. As a real life expirience one of my family members works as many hours a day 7 days a week just to be able to support their child. So therefore life is really difficult to live when the world revolves around money, if you don’t make good money you live a long hard life.

The only job that makes good money is truck driving. You don’t need a college degree for that. But the new e-logs are putting an end to money being made. So job openings for a no college degree job is slowly closing.

You could argue that people can take out a student loan. But, who wants to be in debt for 30+ years? Everyone strives to have the better things in life. People work hard everyday to try to get outta debt. That will be almost impossible to do if you have out a huge student loan. It would be greatly appreciated by many young americans if college was cheaper or even free.


Dakota Longwell