Nathaniel Flynn South Carolina

Costs of Power

Power companies are over charging for something that is a basic need in modern society.

To the next President of the United States of America, I think Power companies should have more regulation on their prices.

Because I feel like they are over pricing the consumer. They do so with hidden fees and Not giving the consumer a way to calculate how much they owe on their own and reasons for the cost. These things should be clearly labeled and easy to understand. Also who is checking on the rate the cost is going up at. The last ten years the cost have gone up three hundred percent. And is predicted to go up to five hundred percent higher than it was ten years ago.

This is making it hard for a lot of people just to get by day to day. If a consumer makes a thousand a month and three hundred dollars goes to the power company. Where does he get the money to pay for his other bills and manage to buy food?

Also it's set up like a monopoly making it easy for the power companies to raise their costs. There just isn't enough competition to check these companies. Most people are stuck with one power company instead of being able to pick which makes it easy for the power companies to say how much we the consumers pay.

Because of these reasons it's putting americans into debt, therefore making the american economy go in the trash. American’s just can't pay these prices for something that's supposed to be a public service.

But the power companies can come back and say the costs are used to pay for hardware and equipment that is necessary to operate and maintain the lines and facility.Which is true to an extent.

Here's the thing…. Not all the additional costs are to those purposes. They want more money because they want to expand their companies at a fast rate so they can expand their profits. These seems more like greed and less like an objective to help the communities that rely on these companies.