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College Costs: Tuition

As the price of college tuition rises, so does the amount of student loan students have to pay to .

Dear Future President,

A current issue we are facing is the increase in college costs, specifically tuition. Many students are capable of finishing, but end up graduating with a bunch in student loans to pay for their four years in college. So instead of progressing in their field of work after graduating, they struggle to pay off their debt. I urge you to fix this situation by finding a way to lower tuition to help students, especially those without financial aid, so they could have the opportunity of getting a college education they deserve.

The main thing that almost all college students are struggling to pay is their tuition. An article written by US News & World Reports said, “Paying for college is a top concern for many – especially as tuition increases at most schools every year...To pay for the growing cost of college, the majority of 2015 graduates took out loans, borrowing $29,411 on average.” Not only are students stressed out by their studies, but also whether they have to drop out due to costs. As a result many students, along with their families, are pushed towards student loans to pay for the increasing tuition and other costs.

Many students leave school with large amounts of debt due to loans. Along with tuition there are other costs associated with going to a four-year college. On College Raptor, they divide the costs up into “hard costs” and “soft costs. The hard costs being tuition and housing (meals) for those who live on campus. oft costs consist of books, other supplies needed for class, and personal costs (personal needs, travel expenses, etc). In one of college Raptor’s articles, they described the parts of college payment saying, “The biggest cost associated with college is tuition. It’s what a school charges to educate you...Many who attend college will incur costs for housing and meals in addition to the cost of actually being educated...other costs associated with a college education include books and supplies. Keep in mind that the cost of textbooks can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars or more per semester.” Many students need a college degree to get a good job for their daily lives. So if going to school means more student loans they wouldn’t be able to support themselves.

In conclusion, as our next president, please address this serious issue about the education of American college students. A solution would be finding a way of lower tuition that lets students, even those with no financial aid, get a higher education than a high school diploma. I trust you will work to find a solution to help these new college students. Like me, they’re just students today, but they will be our future leaders tomorrow.


Nancy Nguyen

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