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College Tuition Needs To Be Put To A Stop

In this letter, I will be talking about the increasing of college tuition and how it needs to be stopped quickly.

Dear Next President,

               College tuition is a very big problem in our world today. One of the most populated colleges is Ohio State University. It has a little less than 45,00 kids. The minimum someone pays to go to college at Ohio State without a scholarship is $25,539. The very highest you can pay to go to Ohio state is $44,731, according to CollegeData. YES, I said anywhere from 25,539-44,731!! Isn’t that crazy? That means that if you attend all 4 years it will cost over $100,000 and maybe even as much as $200,000. That much money is very hard to afford especially for a family that is not as fortunate as other families. We need to lower college tuition because the population in colleges will start rising, there will be fewer people on the streets doing bad things, and more people will have college diplomas which will result in fewer people unemployed.

                We need to lower college tuition so more kids can go to college, colleges can be more populated, and colleges can grow and prosper. Sixty-two percent of families say they don’t or, in other words, can’t send their kids to college because of the cost according to Huffington Post. If we lower the cost of colleges per year we will have many more kids from eighteen to twenty-four years old to be able to go to college and earn a degree. A college education gives you many great opportunities and almost paves a path for you later in life. In college, you can make new friends, earn a degree, and be able to tell your kids about fun stories you had with classmates and friends. Also, if there are more kids going to college then the college is getting more money which can make the campus better, they can offer more scholarships, and teacher pay can increase. I understand if you think that college tuition shouldn’t be reduced and the lower populated schools have it better, but I disagree. Colleges are making college tuition higher so they get more money but why not just accept a lot more kids for a little less money and acquire more money that way?

                 We need to lower college tuition so more kids will go to school and there will be fewer kids on the streets doing bad things. If you know you can’t afford college, your family needs money, and you’re a boy in high school who has to be responsible for your mom and dad because they are getting old what would you do? The answer for most kids is drop out, get a job and work hard. At least this is the plan at the beginning. According to The New York Times, one in four of every black male who drops out in high school is eventually incarcerated. If you can lower college tuition and have more kids in each college this problem could go down to one out of every one hundred or even better than that and that is what we are going for. I can understand if you think that lowering college tuition won’t change the fact that high school dropouts get put into jail. However, I think it will blow your mind how many dropouts want to change the world but see no point because if they spend all their money on college then their family will have no money to live off of.

                 We need to lower college tuition so more people can get college degrees and get better jobs so they can support themselves and possibly their parents or their family. According to Education Corner, people with college degrees make forty-thousand more dollars than people with high school degrees. This is important because if we lower college tuition and more people get their college degrees they will get better jobs and make more money. When they make more money they will be considered successful and live their life happy. People with college degrees can get much better jobs than high school dropouts and people who don’t go to college. If you lower college tuition and we can get more high school dropouts in college completing college degrees, you will be considered, in my opinion, one of the most successful presidents in history. I can understand if you think lowering college tuition and letting more people go to college to get their college degrees won’t let them get better jobs and get more money but, I disagree. People with college degrees won’t only get better jobs and more money but they will also live a happier, more fulfilled life.

                  In conclusion, by lowering college tuition you can make a change in so many people’s lives. They will be smarter, happier, richer, and be able to say thank you Mr./Mrs. President for making my life how I always dreamed. By making one law that decreases college tuition and lets millions of more kids go to college you could be considered the best president in the history of all presidents and be greatly talked about for many years, all while making the United States a better place to be.

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