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Lowering College Tuition

It is up to you, Future President, to lower the increasing rise of college tuition.

To the Future President of the United States of America,

The future of America is based on our youth. Our adolescents can only do so much without proper and complete education, and complete education includes a college degree. Over the years, college tuition has increased more quickly than the inflation of the economy and it is becoming exceedingly difficult for students to find the money to pay for this expensive tuition. How can we expect a better educated society and America if only 37% of Americans say they can afford college tuition?

My parents have four kids and it is very hard for them to send all of us to college even with scholarships. Everyone wants their kids to receive a good education and everyone wants to earn good job. If college costs are too high, these dreams are shattered. If one cannot afford college, they will not be able to achieve a higher-paying job and the cycle starts again for the generations to come. The less accessible college is to the people, the less educated our country will be which could slow the progression of our country. You, Future President, have worked hard to get to your position, do you not think everyone else should be given a shot to reach their potential?

Almost all of America would like to see college tuition costs lowered, there is the slight minority that does not want the costs changed, possibly even increased. Higher tuition tends to relate to a rise in the economy as a whole. Higher costs mean more money to pay for better professors, and the ability to improve the schools. In some countries, free or reduced tuition has meant that the government funds have been spread thin and this can result in limited student capacity and reduced quality of the schools. Thus, well-off students, who are usually better academically prepared, are more likely to not get into their desired school as they do not need financial assistance. However, in a society so set on equality, this does not seem very fair does it, Future President?

Some Universities however, do not need to raise their tuition prices in order to increase their revenue. The University of Michigan, for example, could drastically increase their enrollment to raise their student population through out-of-state students, this would majorly boost their income. Miles Kimball, an economics professor at the University of Michigan stated that, “There’s a missed opportunity where we could easily keep the tuition from going up simply by increasing the number of students… You’re going to have to increase the budget, but increasing the budget doesn't mean you have to increase the tuition.” This proposal to increase the student population to pull in more income does not only apply to Michigan, it applies to every college and University in America. It may not have been hard for you, Future President, to pay for college but as 51% of Americans are middle class citizens, it is going to be more difficult for the rest of us.

In the end, Future President, it is up to you whether the education of your country is worth it to lower college tuition prices. The more accessible college is to Americans, possibly even people of other nationalities, the more educated of society we will live in and benefit from. I realize you will get thousands of letters about college tuition every year, but America is begging you to do something about it and make it easier to afford college. I hope you are paying attention, Future President, when your citizens cry out for change. I hope, for America’s sake, you are paying attention.



Avondale High School

Avondale High School

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