Nicholas New York

Health Care

Citizens need more options.

Dear Mr. President,

Health Care is such a huge concern in the world today. Some people say that they need it more than others, and some people that have it don’t need it. There are some health care programs out in the world that can help the people. One of the biggest health care programs is Obamacare, which is a health care program created by our president Barack Obama. To help this situation throughout the world, I feel that we should make more health care programs, and we should give more attention to those who really need it, and make the people healthier, so we can make the people live longer and have healthier lifestyles.

There are many examples of Health Care. One health care program is ObamaCare. The goal of ObamaCare is to give more Americans access to affordable, quality health insurance to reduce the growth in the U.S. health care spending. According to the Affordable Care Act, “In 2015, 1 and 6 Americans got a health insurance marketplace plan for 100$ or less, and 87% of people who selected a marketplace plan got financial assistance.” “In 2016, 7 out of 10 returning marketplace customers could get a plan for less than 75$ a month, and 8 in 10 could get one for 100$ or less.” “The goals for 2017, despite the rate increases, 7 out of 10 marketplace customers will still be able to get a plan for less than 75$, and 8 of 10 for 100$ or less.” This is because cost assistance is based on income. ObamaCare is a great program, and they have a lot of options, and it is really affordable for the people. We need to have more of these programs out there, so the people can live a healthy lifestyle.

There are many reasons why we need good, affordable health care programs. One of the reasons is that people are getting older and weaker. When people get to the phase in life, they need more medical attention, and need more health care so then can get better, and become healthy again. Another cause is new medicines becoming very expensive. A lot of people can't afford these new medicines, so they are looking for an affordable health care so they aren't spending unnecessary amounts of money. The health care programs need to release information on what they can provide for the people so they can get an understanding, and possibly get on board with the health program. There was never really a time in my life where I needed health care because I am only a teenager, so I have not grown old, or gotten sick enough to where I have needed health care before. All of these reasons are valid, and there needs to be a plan of attack to tackle this problem.

There needs to be a course of action to resolve this problem. Too many people face this problem on a daily basis. Someone like you, Mr. President, needs to solve this problem.  I'm not sure whether it needs be private citizens doing some sort of plan to help, or a health care program lowering its prices to make it more affordable, but something needs to be done soon. There are a lot of people in the world with health needs who are not getting the attention they need to live a healthy lives. Hopefully, there will be a plan of attack at some point, and this will no longer be an issue, but, in order to do that, all the people will have to come as one to make it possible.

Sincerely, Nicholas