Dante C. New York

Keep Moving Forward

As president, I hope you can make reforms to the growing discrimination in America . Also, please reevaluate the gun laws we have due to how accessible they have become to underage teenagers.

Dear President,

     As president of the United States, there are some reforms I hope you can accomplish. My concern primarily focus on discrimination and gun laws. There have been many school shootings in the past couple of years and the amount of school shootings seem to be increasing. As president, I would hope you can make it more difficult to access guns and much easier to locate guns in secure areas. A proposed way to do this would be to create heavier guns, making it harder for kids or teens to carry around with them in schools. Guns should also come with a coded lock so that underage people cannot access them without the owner’s permission. This would make it harder for school shootings to happen.

      Regarding discrimination, there have been a lot of people being murdered by the police because of profiling, specifically members of the black community. As president, to model and influence legislation that would lessen the amount of discrimination towards other races, is essential.  I think it would be wise to make more diverse schools and programs so that from an early age, people do not develop particular ideas regarding people of certain races from an early age. In particular, it is crucial to prevent seeing people as either bad or automatically a threat due to their skin color. I believe the source of discrimination against another comes from how we all grow up and the environment around us. If we all grew up seeing different kinds of people from all parts of the world, as adults we would not be so quick to judge a person based on looks. This would most likely result in police reacting less on bias opinions but based more on observations of situation.  They would still be handling a situation with the necessary force a police officer is warranted to use, but not to the point of killing. Right now the killings that result from police brutality is unnecessary. The only reasons officers in these situations provide is that they thought they were being threatened by someone unarmed while the police officer himself is actually armed.

     I hope as president you will take my letter into consideration. As the president, we are trusting you to not only make the best decision to better our country,  but to change our country.  I hope this letter can aid in the process of that. Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt once said, "We must dare to be great; and we must realize that greatness is the fruit of toil and sacrifice and high courage."


Dante C. Crichlow

Repertory Company High School

Period 4

Letters to our Future President

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