Antonio New York

Climate Change

An issue that needs no introduction, yet also needs to be taken more seriously

Dear Future President,

          I think there are a few special issues you should pay attention to. One of those is climate change.  Climate change is arguably the most urgent issue. I think we need to act immediately. We know climate change is inevitable, but we should be trying to delay it as much as possible. It is absolutely not something we can ignore anymore. Some models predict sea level will rise up to 6 feet within the next 100 years. The pace of the average global temperature rise puts about 25 to 35% of animal and plant species at risk. What are you going to do about deforestation? Clearing forests releases large amounts of carbon dioxide. 

We need to cut down on emissions, and expand renewable energy use. Our system is way too reliant on fossil fuels. Limits need to be placed on carbon that polluters emit.  Fuel efficiency on cars could be better, too. Also, deforestation needs to be stopped immediately. I hope you take into consideration some of these suggestions for the good of our planet.

Thanks for your time, 

Antonio Monroig