Hena S. New York

Islamophobia Needs To Stop

Everyone should get education .No one should be frightened to go outside.

Dear next president of the USA,

Hi my name is Hena Fathima Shiju. I want to say some things you need to focus during your presidency.

First thing is I want you to focus on is treating people who need help from countries that are facing war. A Lot of kids can't go to school or even walk outside without fear. This is really disturbing me because I love to go to my mosque and help raise money so that kids can have a better life. When you hear that they are suffering it really hurts inside. What do you expect a kid to be? Having fun? Or playing outside? But the kids who are in the country facing war they can't even go outside. When you're a kid you're suppose to be enjoying life and have fun and not staying in fear and sad.

Second thing I want you to focus on is treating everyone equally. A Lot of muslims are facing discrimination in the U.S mainly after 9/11. People call them hurtful things and it needs to stop. I'm not just saying this because im Muslim I would have said the same thing if I wasn't Muslim.

Lastly I need you to focus on getting every single kid getting the education they need. A Lot of kids are not getting education because there family can't pay for it or they just can't. If kids get education then they can get then that would mean the world to them.

I hope you understood what and why you need to focus on these things.