Cam New York

Cost of Higher Education

Higher Education needs to be lowered in the United States

Dear Mr. President,

I, and many other students, believe that college tuition costs too much. I believe that if we want to get further in our educational career we should not have to be paying for it for the rest of our lives. I understand the concept of the struggles of gaining the money for this, but this has to happen to get America out of poverty.

Students that go to school with me are scared to go further in their educational careers due to the amount of money. For example, according to Student Loan Hero, in 2012, 71% of students graduating from a four year college were in debt when leaving college. This is a big issue because if the students in debt need a job immediately and this does not let them explore for their options. Another example as said in Student Loan Hero, in 2016, Americans owe nearly $1.3 trillion in student loan debt. This is roughly $30,000 of student loan debt per student that participate in college. This is a lot of money to make up for coming straight out of college.

Fixing this problem could lead to an increase in less people being in poverty. From seeing the seniors from my freshman year today, they are in debt and are having trouble making a living. They still have to have a part time job while going through college and that is very challenging for them. According to the White House, when talking to President Obama, he said “that by 2020, America would once again have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world”. But for this statement to be true, the cost of college must go down so then more people can graduate from college. To start this problem the government can give loans to colleges so the colleges do not have to charge the students for money. For the colleges to cut down on the cost of education they would be out of a big profit this is why they would not agree fully on it. But this would benefit the students much more because they would be coming out of college, and not have to worry about money when joining the workforce.

In the end we need to take charge and do something about this difficult situation. Together we can decrease American poverty by lowering the cost of higher education.