Sarah Maryland


We need to eat better

Dear President,

The United Stated is a first world country with a poor nutrition reputation. Foreigners generalize Americans as obese consumers of fast food. In fact, our eating habits are truly inadequate. Even though we are ahead of many countries politically and economically wise, we fall on the radar when it comes to nutrition. With more than 68.8% of our adult population being considered obese or overweight, we must work on this aspect of ourselves because it is also causing diseases, recently, scientist have linked many diseases to weight gain and obesity. The weight problem in the US is impacting our general health and life expectancies, fatter people live shorter lives. We must take into consideration the habits of countries such as Japan and Australia, both whom are much ahead of us in the health aspect.

Our health as a nation is deteriorating. “The prevalence of overweight and obesity has increased markedly in the last 2 decades in the United States”(Allison A). Obesity rates amongst not only adults but children as well are rising rapidly and more people are developing weight related illnesses such as diabetes and cholesterol. This is all due to the fact that Americans are simply not educated enough when it comes to limiting themselves to food. We are cons,ing too much food and not nutritional food. Our foods are filled with high sugar, sodium, and unhealthy fats such as saturated fats. Our food products are mostly processed and we have much easier access to these food than to fresh, organic foods. School vending machine are a perfect depiction of our corrupt eating habits which are indeed affecting children. Instead of reaching for the $2 fruit at the long and time consuming lunch line, students turn to the fifty cents to one dollar chips are the quick and efficient vending machines which are mainly empty calories loader with high fructose corn syrup and saturated fats. Within time, these habits can take a toll on people’s health. At home some children are told to eat vegetables by their parents however it is not completely enforced. These factors of the american food habits play a role in our rising obesity levels and they need to be altered so we can become a healthier nation. “The high levels of overweight among children and obesity among adults remain a major public health concern”(Killoran). An unhealthy nation is not a successful nation.

Health is greatly influenced by what we consume. By consuming nonnutritious foods, we give opportunities for disease developments. Diseases and illnesses lower our life expectancies. Overweight or obese people have been proven to live much shorter lives than average weight people. Who does not want to live a long, healthy and content life? In order to enjoy life and spend as much time as possibles with the ones we love, we must fix our diets. Our health does not only affect ust but the people in our lives as well.

Japan and Australia are two exceptionally healthy nations. Japan has a life expectancy of “eighty-five”( years and Australia has a life expectancy of “eighty-two”( years. In comparison to America, with a “seventy-nine”( year life expectancy, these countries are very healthy. They are part of the MDC (More Developed Countries) group. Just like the US, Japan and Australia have a successful economy and they do not lack in the political department either. The one difference they have with the US is that their nutritional department is successful as well and unfortunately, that is not the case for America. this means we need to work on ourselves.

We need to strengthen our weakness because as a MDC, LDC (Less Developed Countries) look up to us. We need to lead LDC’s by example and allow ourselves to be lead by Japan’s and Australia’s example. These countries not only have a much smaller portion size than us but they also consume higher quality foods than us. Most of their protein comes from seafoods, while most of our protein comes from greasy hamburgers or steaks topped with cheese and calorie loaded condiments. Of course there are many Americans with exceptional diets. Many American are even healthier than the typical Japanese or Australian person. However the vast majority of the American population eats very poorly and it is not all their fault. The US government needs to take a stand and begin allowing more organic foods in the country. More grocery stores like Whole Foods should be available to the people, of course, within an affordable price and cultivation of fresh produce should be implied and adhered.

As a subject which is not commented on very often, nutrition is a valuable part of life. It is excruciatingly important that we maintain our healths. An unhealthy nation cannot go far. Weight is a great factor of health which depicts what we eat and how we pursue our lives. It shows if we are active or sedentary. We are what we eat. If we, as a nation eat junk, we will become junk. If we eat gold, we will become gold.