David Maryland

Obesity in America

The obesity epidemic is out of control and there needs to be a stop to it. We need to help obese people with the proper physical and mental treatment as well as proper motivation

More than two thirds or exactly 68.8 percent of adults in America are considered obese or overweight. If that does not convince you that there is an issue, I do not know what will. Obesity is a major problem the United States faces and it happens to a range of people from children to adults. Obesity is taking over America as it affects our, physical health, mental health, and lifestyle.

The main concerns of obesity is the health issues that pair with it. One of these health issues is diabetes. When looking at studies on American adults age 20 and older, the Nation Institute of Health stated that “33.1 percent had BMIs from 25 to 29.9”, meaning that they were considered overweight.The percentage for adults considered overweight, obese and extremely obese was more than 70 percent. A main cause of obesity is from the excessive consumption of unhealthy foods which leads to a buildup of a fatty, waxy like substance called cholesterol.Cholesterol builds up and causes high blood pressure which is a main source to blood clots and even strokes. The New York State department of health also states that a high blood sugar (a common trait of diabetes) “can affect the heart, eyes, kidneys, nerves”. High blood sugar can also cause skin complications and dental disease, and even death. All these health issues are extremely dangerous and pose a serious risk for people dealing with obesity. The “spread” of obesity in America could devastate us with the health issues that ensue.

A common area looked over when considering obesity is the problems in mental health that develop. Studies show that people with obesity have a 30 percent higher risk of mental health issues. One of the most dangerous ones, depression is commonly accompanied by obesity. According to the American Psychological Association, “obesity in women was associated with a 37 percent increase in major depression”. An increase in depression can lead to abnormal eating and activity habits and even increase thoughts of suicide. The Canadian Obesity Network states that other mental issues such as schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder “have all been shown to be associated with increased risk of overweight and obesity” As Americans are becoming more overweight, they become more and more dissatisfied with their bodies. This can lead to many eating disorders, such as skipping meals, fasting and even using laxatives and self-induced vomiting. These methods are extremely unhealthy from a physical and mental standpoint. According to the National Eating Disorder Information Center, people with eating disorders suffer from “clinical depression, anxiety, personality or substance abuse disorders”, and even OCD. Obesity can take over a life without even knowing it, and most people can not tell what obese people are battling on the inside. Fighting against the weight is only one third of the problem.

The hardest way of changing or putting a stop to obesity is a change in lifestyle. It is simply too easy to “gain weight” as our streets are littered with cars and cabs. The IIP Digital states that “95 percent of American households own a car”. This alarming rate shows how easy it is to use a car instead of getting exercise by walking and biking. It is obvious that a decrease in exercise leads to gaining weight, as fat is not being burned off from food.Being told to exercise doesn't help as well as it has very little effect since “80 and 95 percent [of obese people] regain their lost weight” as stated by Independent magazine. A change in a diet may be the easiest way to turn a lifestyle around as it is just a variation in the consumption of food you eat. Although you may feel better, a change in diet “could take weeks or months for the benefits to show” as argued by Livestrong. As we can see, people with obesity suffer from lifestyles that are difficult to truly be impactful.

The fact that only one out off three people are considered normal weight or underweight is an alarming statistic showing that America is in trouble.We need to help obese people with the proper medicine, psychological treatment and motivation. We can stop the fact that obesity is taking over america in our mental and physical health as well as our lifestyle. Really what we have to do is get up, speak up, and try to make a change.

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