Tatiana C. Maryland

Police Brutality needs to Stop Today

Police Brutality has gotten out of hand. Help me try to stop it.

Dear Mr. President

Hello my name is Tatiana, I am a high school students, with Baltimore county public schools. Today I wanted to talk to you about Police brutality and the effects on me and the people of society today.

As you know there has been many fatal events between the Police enforcement and the people of America. One being the story that involves Philando Castile, Philando Castile was in the car with his wife in the passenger seat and his daughter in the back seat. In Isaac Bailey’s Why we always find excuses for cops who kill. Isaac states that “who gave him that car? You know drug dealers drive cars like that and drug dealers are a threat to all of us”. This statement is offensive to me because not all black people are convicts, some people work for what they have in fact many people work for what they have; also I find it unfair that most black people are put into this circle that they are drug dealers, don’t work for themselves, and are just bad people, the lowest of the lowest people in America. My mother and father are both African Americans who works hard for themselves and their family. My mom drives a Mercedes Benz and my dad drives a Buick enclave which in my opinion are nice cars.

On September 16th there was a fatal shooting in Tulsa, Terrence Crutcher was an African American man who was unarmed and shot by a Caucasian police officer. Terrence Crutcher was shown walking to his SUV with his hands on his head. Crutcher was shown standing next to his car and just as he was slowly going to the ground. Officer Betty Shelby shot Crutcher. Later it was confirmed that Crutcher didn’t have a gun on him or in his car. Terrance Crutcher is only one of many African American people who were fatally killed by a police officer.

According to Peter Holly and Katie Zeziman’s article White Tulsa officer charged with manslaughter in death of unarmed black man. It stated that so far in the year 2016 there has been 707 fatal deaths caused by police men. 164 of the 707 people are black men. I know that number doesn’t seem large but when we analyze the population 12.2% of the world makes up for African Americans and 63.7% makes up for Caucasians who live in the United States. The 12.2% of African Americans include both male and female and is still significantly smaller than the Caucasian population.

Mr. President there is many things being done to help and fix our issue. Some police have started to wear cameras on their vests, watching the city with a drone in Baltimore, etc. Mr. President I thank you very much for everything you are doing to help protect the people but still I think there’s more that can be done, perhaps making all officers go to a updated class on how to handle things, and give classes to our fellow Citizens of the United States. Mr. President I think we both know this country can’t run without our citizens. We need America great again but we can’t do it with our public service killing our people due to miss understandings and hate.

So today Mr. President I’m asking you to please please please help me, not only me but help the people of America stay safe under the justice of law. Let us live to see America be great again. I’m asking you because I know for a fact that you will try your best to help us.

Thank you for listening,


Patapsco High School & Center for the Arts

Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts

A comprehensive high school, with an arts magnet program, serving 1500 students in Dundalk, Baltimore County, MD.

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