Alexandra S. Pennsylvania

Obesity in America

The concern of obesity is one that touches us all.

Dear Future President,

It is no secret that the wide-range issue of obesity has come into our lives more and more over the years. The obese population has “doubled in the past thirty years”, as explained by, and it has caused various health issues. In effect, forcing the healthy population to take money out of their pockets to pay for the obese who don’t work. So, the government should take action and get America back in shape.

Everyday, millions of high school students are sitting in a classroom for seven and a half hours. According to Better Policies for a Healthier America, “27.1% of that population do not get sixty minutes of physical activity each day”. Most of the students go home, pick up an electronic, and stay on that for hours without making an attempt to be active. The government could address this issue by passing a law or act; let’s call it the Healthier America Act. This act would include mandates for students to have a recess or Physical Education for sixty minutes a day. The results could create vast opportunities for decreasing the obese population. If the government could complete this task, the typical student could burn “107 calories walking a mile” educates Imagine, if the students had that amount of exercise everyday, the obesity rate would decrease tremendously.

The issue of obesity can come with various health issues. A study done by NIDDK, National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, suggests the idea of obesity having a high likelihood of causing various, fatal, and unpleasant diseases. For example, having excessive weight issues may cause Type 2 Diabetes. That means that Americans are voluntarily stabbing themselves with needles because they won't lose weight. If the future President simply addresses this issue, the disease caused by being overweight will decrease. If the future President cares about the public, he or she will fix this issue. The NIDDK explains that the obese have a higher likelihood to develop “heart disease, high blood pressure, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, osteoarthritis, cancer, or stroke”.

In conclusion, a President elect could do so much for the obese population. Simply; the President could provide dieticians to work in the schools with students on portion control, because one of the main causes of obesity is overeating. It would be revolutionary if in the U.S.A., the students would learn how to make healthy choices and learn portion control in the primary grades. Most people are aware of the fact; when kids develop habits at a young age, they tend to keep them. So, if the future President could pass the Healthier America Act, introduce physical activities into the school day, and provide early education, America may be able to get back on track and get healthy.

Good luck with your Presidency,

Alexandra S.

Lower Dauphin High School

Mrs. Morgret's 9th grade Honors English students

Periods 4 and 5/6 from Lower Dauphin High School

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