Jakob K. Maryland

Domestic Violence

Today, many people and families are affected by domestic violence. However, there could be many more individuals and families affected than we currently know of. This is a serious topic that should be addressed carefully and properly.

Dear Mr./Madam President,

Congratulations on winning the prestigious position as President of The United States, becoming a valiant leader involves many qualities including problem solving. I would like to point out a problem that hopefully you may shine some light on. There are many problems that need to be addressed in this country, although some more urgent than others they are all of equal importance. Out of this pool of problems we have amassed comes one problem in particular I find to rise above most due to its effects on many families worldwide. This problem is domestic violence, I find that this problem affects a lot of adults and most importantly it affects the youth of America. Domestic violence is defined: “a pattern of abusive behavior in any relationship that is used by one partner to gain or maintain power and control over another intimate partner” according to the The Department of Justice.

As President, you most likely know about this issue and understand its severity, however domestic violence affects more people than anyone is currently able to determine. This is due to the sad truth that some people don’t report their experiences with domestic violence, often in order to save the person who started the violence. This isn't an easy problem to solve because many people are uncontrollable when they become violent, and the person who has the responsibility to report the problem doesn't take into account who it affects, whether it be children or other family members.

Although this problem in some instances may be silent, there may be ways to spread awareness and even encourage others to share their experiences and give them suggestions via hotline. Another suggestion would be to give the affected person(s)access to rehabilitation centers in order to repair any damage that has been done. As I have previously mentioned, not only adults are brought into these situations, but the children are too. Even after rehabilitationof children in these situations, there are many more problems the children will come to develop as life goes on, such as mental disorders and relationship problems. May I remind you Mr./Madam President the children entangled in these horrid situations are the future generations of America.

Upon researching this topic I will admit that there were many stories that vary among race, age, and gender and each of these stories were unique in their own way and each painted a vivid picture of living with the effects of domestic violence. Everyone experiences things differently and this allows for a range of feelings to be brought on about the topic of domestic violence and its severity. Many different types of domestic violence exist and everyone has a different experience, however, 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men are predicted to experience the hand of domestic violence according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Therefore I hope I have thoroughly informed you in the effects and intensity of domestic violence. I hope you will continue to do this country a service, and although it is impossible to solve all of our problems, hopefully you be able to help with the ones “closer to home”. Domestic violence is a problem that should be properly addressed, and awareness should be spread about its existence among the general population.


Jakob K.